Thursday, March 3, 2011

Revitalization Plan Draft Available

To review the most recent draft of the downtown plan, click on the link below:
Downtown Hamilton Revitalization Plan Draft

Plan Under Review of Commission

On Tuesday February 22nd, the Project Team presented the draft Downtown Revitalization Plan to the Hamilton Planning Commission. The Commission is reviewing the document and is expected to announce a public hearing to approve the plan. If adopted by the Planning Commission, the plan will then go before the City Council for its approval. Meanwhile, the Revitalization Committee will be working to convene a group of downtown stakeholders and begin the process of establishing and structuring the downtown organization described in the revitalization plan.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Planning Commission to Discuss Draft Plan

On Tuesday February 22nd, the Planning Team will meet with the Hamilton Planning Commission to discuss the draft Downtown Revitalization Plan in preparation for a public hearing before the Commission in March.

Downtown Revitalization Committee Meeting

The Planning Team has prepared the first complete draft of the Hamilton Downtown Plan. The Downtown Revitalization Committee will meet on Thursday January 20, 5:30 PM at City Hall, to review the plan draft.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Announcement: Downtown Revitalization Meeting Dec. 14

The third public meeting on revitalizing Downtown Hamilton will be at 6:00 PM at City Hall on Tuesday December 14th. The meeting will include a review of physical improvements recommendations and solicit input on organizing downtown stakeholders for implementing the plan and managing downtown revitalization efforts over time.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Hamilton Adds to Revitalization Committee

The City has tapped two downtown merchants to join the Downtown Revitalization Committee as the committee works together with city officials and staff and the Planning Team to develop a revitalization plan for Downtown Hamilton. The new members are Eddie Lyle (owner of Solid Gold Jewelry) and Richard Kitchens (owner of The Sports Gallery).

Welcome aboard Mr. Lyle and Mr. Kitchens!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Downtown Hamilton Market Study

On November 9th, the Planning Team presented highlights of the Downtown Hamilton Market Study conducted by Dr. Arthur Allaway. The study suggests that Downtown Hamilton may bolster its economic revitalization efforts by targeting four markets:
  1. those who live in a 1.5 mile radius of Downtown Hamilton, 
  2. middle and upper income households within a 5 mile radius of Downtown Hamilton, 
  3. those who live in other parts of Marion County and visit Downtown Hamilton on a monthly or more frequent basis, and 
  4. travelers on Corridor X between Memphis and Birmingham (who could be attracted to Downtown for more than fast food and fueling up)
The analysis involved research into the spending capacity and interests of Marion County residents and the types of businesses already serving those needs and interests. In essence, the gaps---what residents have to travel outside of Hamilton to buy---represent retail development opportunities. But, not all opportunities are equally feasible and only certain types would be fitting for Downtown Hamilton. Dr. Allaway's report suggests the following types of businesses, in addition to what is there now, have a real chance of success Downtown:

  • Locally owned lunch/dinner restaurant
  • Artist studios and exhibit space/store
  • General or mercantile store
  • Regional offerings store
  • Multiple antiques and architectural collectibles stores
  • Plant nursery
  • Clothing store(s)
  • Furniture store
  • Book store
  • Electronics store
  • (Authentic) Hardware store
  • Specialty grocery store
 Download the the full report HERE.